Looking for Cornea Transplants in the Jacksonville, Florida Area?

by | Mar 25, 2022 | Optometrists

Your cornea enables your eye to focus on the light that enters it so that you can see clearly. However, corneas can become cloudy or incur injuries that it’s unable to repair. What’s the solution? Human cornea transplants have been performed since 1905, and the operation now has more than a 90% success rate.

Is A Cornea Transplant Considered An Organ Transplant?

Technically, yes, however, the cornea has no blood vessels, so the procedure is performed with fewer complications.

Is A Cornea Transplant Painful?

The procedure isn’t overly painful, and your eye surgeon will anesthetize the area so that you’re not in pain. As with any procedure, you may feel slight discomfort afterward, but it’s easily managed.

Does A Cornea Transplant Affect Sleep?

Immediately after your surgery, you may need to sleep on your back for a few days, and you may need an eye shield. Before your procedure, your surgeon will go over your aftercare instructions, so if you have any questions, this would be a good time to ask them.

Are Cornea Transplants Covered By Insurance?

Each insurance provider has different criteria, so check with your provider for the terms of your policy.

What’s The Off-Work Time?

Usually, you’ll need one or two weeks off work and you should avoid heavy lifting for about four weeks. This will be covered in your aftercare instructions.

Does A Cornea Transplant Require Anti-Rejection Drugs?

Since the cornea doesn’t have a blood supply, the risk of rejection is minimal, but occasionally the body will reject foreign tissue.

Need A Cornea Transplant?

If you’re looking for cornea transplants in Jacksonville, FL, then contact floridaeyespecialists.com to speak with a care coordinator.

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