Maintaining Health and Happiness for the Entire Family

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Health

It is important for anyone to maintain their health, as well as the health of their family. Family Medical Care in Andover Kansas is an important part of ensuring health and happiness throughout one’s life. There are various services provided at these facilities to ensure all aspects of care are achieved.

Well Child Care

Regular visits during a child’s life are an important part of ensuring their health. At a well-child visit, the doctor will check to see that a child has reached the various milestones for their age, as well as monitor any changes in health or growth. These visits can provide insight into potential problems or illnesses and allow quick treatment of these issues.

Annual Physicals and Preventive Health Care for Adults

Adults also need regular visits with a doctor to check their health each year. These visits allow a patient to discuss any concerns or changes they have experienced with their doctor. It also allows the doctor to schedule preventive tests and treatments to maintain the adults health at various stages in their life.


Immunizations are very important for preventing diseases that can be harmful and even fatal. For children, there are specific schedules that must be followed to ensure many types of diseases are avoided. For adults, there are boosters and other vaccinations that can prevent health issues later in life.

Evaluation & Management

If a health issue of concern is discovered in the regular check-up, follow-up appointments can be made. This allows the doctor to evaluate the problem and discuss treatments and management of these issues. Whether simple or complex, an individualized plan can be created and managed at the facility.

Coordination of Care with Specialist Physicians

If a specialist must be seen for treatment of a specific illness or issue, The doctors at Wichita Family Medicine Specialists LLC can coordinate all of the care. They can keep track of and talk with any doctor on the case to ensure proper care is given from each doctor and all of the patients needs are met.

Minor Emergency and urgent care

When a minor injury or illness occurs, a person cannot wait until their doctor is available for an office visit. Urgent care can provide immediate treatment of these issues and allow the quicker recovery. These facilities can provide complete care to maintain the health and happiness of the entire family.

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