McArdle Surgical in Pittsburgh, PA Offers Health Care Supplies for Those with Decreased Mobility

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Health Care

People who require constant health care of some type often have to have some type of home health care equipment. This is especially true of those who have issues with decreased mobility. The inability to get around decreases the quality of life of people. Fortunately, there are stores and businesses that carry all sorts of health care equipment to help with decreased mobility. Items such as stair lifts, wheel chairs, canes, walkers, and chair lifts are available at most of these stores. McArdle Surgical in Pittsburgh PA is a business that deals in selling such supplies to customers in the area and throughout.

Customers with decreased mobility and other similar disabilities need for their homes to be made safe, if they are going to remain in their homes. For homes with more than one floor, this may require the installation of a stair lift. The stair lift makes the transport of the disabled easier as they move from upstairs to downstairs. Examples of some of these stair lifts that may be installed are the Acorn stair lift and the Brooks stair lift. Users are given a free maintenance package for the first year.

For those who don’t need stair lift chairs, perhaps they will find a better need for a lift chair. These chairs will aid the person is getting up without the assistance of a caregiver. For those who don’t want to be confined to using lift chairs, there are also options for walkers of different varieties, canes and wheelchairs. There are also crutches and rollers. These devices have improved with technology for the design and comfort of the user.

McArdle Surgical has been providing home health equipment and supplies for customers from their base in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for quite some time. In addition to the decreased mobility supplies, the business also offers other home health supplies. These supplies include, but are not limited to bath aids, compression devices, hot and cold therapy, orthopedic braces, pillows, bed wedges, and supplies for urinary incontinence. If any one is in need of home health care supplies, McArdle Surgical in Pittsburgh PA is available. Visit the website for more information.

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