Myths About Mental Health

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Mental Health

Mental health treatment at St Paul is readily available with good services. However, many people are reluctant to get help for their mental health problem. The myths surrounding mental health are one of the main reasons that people do not seek help for their problems.

Myth: Children Can’t Have Mental Health Problems

Fact: Children can have mental health problems. In fact, half of people start to show signs of mental illness before they turn 14-years-old. Seventy-five percent of people are diagnosed with a mental illness before they turn 24.

Early treatment is one of the keys to properly managing a mental illness. Seventy-nine percent of people have an improvement in their mental illness symptoms after getting 12 therapy sessions.

Myth: Children’s Mental Health Problems are the Fault of Their Parents

Fact: Many parents blame themselves for their children’s mental health problems. However, mental health is complex. There are several biological, genetic and environmental factors that can lead to mental health problems. That is why there is no need for parents to blame themselves.

Myth: People With Mental Health Problems are Violent

Fact: Most people who have mental health problems are non-violent. In fact, mental illness only plays a role in three to five percent of the violent crimes that are committed. People who have a mental illness are more likely to be a victim of a violent crime than they are to commit one.

Myth: Mental Illness is Something That You Can Just Snap Out Of

Fact: Mental illness is not a sign of weakness or laziness. It is often caused by changes in the brain chemistry. That is why people need therapy and medication to properly recover from a mental illness.

If you are in need of mental health treatment in St Paul, then you should contact Options Family & Behavior Services.

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