Non Surgical Lancaster Orthopedic Treatments For Chronic Pain

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Health Care

Many patients have started turning to Non Surgical Lancaster orthopedic treatments. They hope that getting their spine into perfect alignment will stop excruciating pain. Given the price of invasive surgery and the possibility of deadly infections, it is not surprising that many patients want to try other methods before resorting to surgery. It’s also true that these types of surgeries can fail and leave the patient worse off than before. So anyone suffering from slipped discs, sciatica, pinched nerve or back, neck and shoulder pain should consult with a trained orthopedic rehabilitation team. The first step is an accurate assessment of the problem. The patient will be asked to explain what they were doing when the pain first started and how it’s changed since then. Next they will need to tell the team how the pain gets in the way of normal activities. The doctors will then have to determine exactly what is causing the pain. It could be a tendon, muscle, disc, joint or any other part of the body. Often the location of the pain, is not the location of the injury. A combination of physical exam and sophisticated imaging will be used to locate the precise location that needs to be treated.

A physiatrist is a doctor that specializes in bringing motion back into the body after it’s been injured or sick. They focus on nerves, muscles, bones and joints. Instead of masking pain, they search for the cause of the limitation. Once that’s been found, they work to restore mobility to the body, without resorting to surgery. Physiatrists work with Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine, and physical therapists. Patients can expect to have acupuncture and massage therapy combined with more standard treatments. If these Non Surgical Lancaster Orthopedic treatments don’t work, then the team moves on to slightly more invasive treatments. This might include Radiofrequency Ablation for chronic pain. The doctor identifies nerves are sending out non-stop pain signals. They then use radio waves to destroy these nerves.

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