Nursing Care in Sarasota, FL: The Difference

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Health

When elderly relatives are in need of assistance at home, familial caregivers have a wide range of options from which to choose. For example, hiring a companion to spend several hours per day socializing with the individuals or driving them to appointments or activities is a popular choice. In other cases, Nursing Care in Sarasota FL is necessary. Understanding the reasons for choosing nursing care over companion care involves knowing what the former offers.

Assess Medical Needs

Sitting down with a professional from Family First Homecare as well as a doctor can help families to determine the current level of medical need. Some people need a reminder to take their pills once per day. Others need assistance with recovery from surgery, certain types of therapy, or constant treatment and monitoring for a serious condition. Individuals who are struggling with the latter medical issues are likely better served by a nurse. Generally, nurses are trained and certified to provide more medical-based services than are companions.

Determine a Schedule

The decision to Click here allows interested parties to see some of the possibilities for Nursing Care in Sarasota FL, and they will learn that it’s possible to have a live-in aide or to hire a helper to come for a period each day or several days per week. Individuals who require live-in care are often in need of nurses. They likely need someone who can assist them with a range of tasks and to monitor them if a condition worsens. The scheduling that a family requires could elicit a nurse over a companion.

Look to the Future

Families can also consider plans that are flexible. For example, a person recovering from surgery may require a nurse right now but could change to a companion in the future. On the other hand, an individual with a degenerative disease may begin with a companion coming for a few hours at a time and then transition to a live-in nurse. Thinking about both current and future needs can help families to make the right decision.

Whether to hire a nurse or a companion is a choice that requires careful thought. Assessing the condition of the individual and gaining professional insight both help in making the final determination.

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