Physical Therapy: How It Helps After Accidents Resulting in Low Back Pain in Fargo, ND

by | Jan 24, 2017 | Health

There are times when taking a tumble results in little more than a bruised ego. At other times, the accident is severe enough to trigger a lot of pain in the lower area of the back. After making sure there are not any issues requiring surgery, the best approach is to undergo physical therapy. Here is what the patient can expect to happen with that Low Back Pain in Fargo ND as the therapy progresses.

Less Tension Early On

It’s not unusual for patients to notice lower levels of stress and tension in the lower back by the end of the first session. Typically, the sessions will run for up to an hour and employ more than one approach to alleviating the pain and reducing inflammation. For several hours after the therapy, the individual is likely to experience less Low Back Pain in Fargo ND than before. While more sessions will be needed, the fact there’s a difference from the beginning is incentive enough to keep going to the sessions.

Increased Flexibility

As anyone who has experienced lower back pain will attest, attempting to turn the torso in one direction or another can result in discomfort. Even attempting to sit for longer periods will produce pain. Thanks to the therapy sessions, the patient will begin to enjoy a wider range of motion. The movement will also trigger less discomfort. The patient will know the therapy is working the first time it’s possible to turn and reach for something on a side table and not feel any type of sting or pain at all.

The Legs Feel Stronger

While the problem at hand is the condition of the lower back, people don’t tend to understand how much of an impact this type of pain has on the legs. They may feel somewhat weaker than usual even though they did not sustain any direct injury. As the therapy promotes the healing of the lower back, that sensation of weakness in the legs will begin to fade.

If the doctor recommends physical therapy after a fall or any other type of accident, visit us and schedule an appointment. With the right help, recovering from the event will be faster and easier.

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