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Prevent Periodontal Disease With A Pet Dental Service Nearby

Just like humans, dogs and cats can suffer from periodontal disease, and it is highly common in both species. In most cases, pets develop some form of gum disease by the time they reach age three. While there are many stages of the disease, it’s important to find a pet dental service nearby your home so that you can get them checked out and prevent it.

The Stages

There are four stages of periodontal disease, and it’s always best to start treating your furry friend during phase one because it has just begun and can be treated easily with regular brushing and a professional deep cleaning by the veterinarian.

During the second stage, your dog or cat will need a professional cleaning as soon as possible to prevent decay or loss of teeth. During the third phase, pets can start losing bone in their jaw, which means their teeth aren’t as supported as they should be.

At stage four, there isn’t much more to be done than extract the teeth, though there are some advanced treatments.

The Symptoms

As with anything, it’s best to spot the signs of problems before they get bigger. Periodontal disease comes with a variety of symptoms. If your pet gets regular dental service nearby your home, you may find that the symptoms are easier to treat. Your furry friend could experience swollen gums, bad breath, tartar buildup, wounds on the face that don’t heal quickly and a decrease in their appetite. You should also pay close attention to any flinching if you try to open their mouth or touch their teeth.

A pet dental service nearby your home ensures that you can get your furry friend the care they need without traveling too far. Visit Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic today to learn more.