Professional Hair Removal With Cool Laser Treatments

by | May 9, 2019 | Skin Treatment

If you are annoyed by having excess facial or body hair, then you need professional hair removal. At a skin care clinic, the laser hair removal Surrey aestheticians can remove excess hair from a variety of locations on your body or face with a method that will reduce the growth of new hair. A cool laser treatment works best on dark hair strands that are located on lighter skin tones. Each treatment at a medical clinic lasts for approximately one hour as the aesthetician passes the laser over the area where you want the removal of hair.

Avoid Ugly Scars or Skin Irritation

You may spend several hours a week removing the excess hair from your body or face, and in some cases, the hair begins to grow back quickly. Excess hair is a genetic tendency, but some individuals also have more hair because they have higher levels of certain hormones. Today, having excess hair is not considered fashionable, especially for females. Removing the hair with plucking methods can lead to scarring, and with shaving, you risk getting small cuts on your skin.

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Some individuals visit a spa to have a waxing process to remove excess hair, but this can feel painful as the aesthetician pulls away the hardened wax and its attached cloth. After this type of hair removal, your skin is often irritated and ugly to look at. However, with the laser hair removal Surrey methods, the hair drops off without any pain, and in addition, the follicles of the hairs also drop out. This process leads to having less hair on the treated skin, especially when you have repeated treatments. Schedule an appointment with a skin care clinic today to eliminate your unwanted hair.

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