Reasons to Visit an Allergist in Elizabethtown, KY and the Types of Testing Available For Kids

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Health Care

When it comes to children and their health, parents take great care to ensure their children are safe and feeling their best. Many children develop allergies to certain things. These can be minor or very severe. Regardless of its severity, children must be treated for any allergy they may have.

Many times, the family doctor can provide regular care. However, there are instances when a child doesn’t respond to the regular care provided by their doctor. At that point, it is a good idea to seek an allergist in Elizabethtown KY. Below, are a few reasons an allergist in Elizabethtown KY may be needed as well as information about what to expect during a first visit.

Different Things That Can Cause Allergies In Kids

Allergy testing is very useful in determining a treatment plan that will work for everything that is affecting a child’s health. Such allergens can be related to pets, foods, trees, grass, and weeds. There are different types of medications that can help relieve symptoms experienced by a child. These include antihistamines, steroid nasal sprays, and decongestants. In severe cases, allergy shots may be recommended. These are done on a weekly basis and will build the child’s immunity against the allergens causing the symptoms.

Allergy Testing Through The Skin

Testing for allergy triggers can be done through skin tests. A skin prick test involves small drops of the allergens being placed on a plastic surface that is then pressed against the child’s forearm and upper back. If allergic to the substance, the symptoms will appear within 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the doctor will look for red or raised areas. An intradermal skin test involves a small amount of the allergen injected into the skin. Finally, a skin patch test involves a small amount of the allergen placed on the skin. This is then covered with a bandage for two to four days before they check the results.

There are many health facilities for parents to choose from regarding allergy testing. Read more on the topic to become more familiar with the testing procedures. Talk with your family doctor for a recommendation.

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