Rehabilitation Centers: The Importance of A Comprehensive Aftercare Plan

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Health

Rehabilitation centers in Broward County and elsewhere throughout America exist to help those with addictions and dependency issues recover. They work with their patients to establish a drug or alcohol-free lifestyle. During their stay, patients not only dry out, but they also discover coping mechanisms. However, no matter what they discover about themselves, the risk of relapse is high unless they have a comprehensive aftercare plan in place.

What Is an Aftercare Plan?

As the name indicates, an aftercare plan is a program designed to help a patient move into the next phase of recovery. A patient will work with doctors, therapists and even nutritionists to prepare a unique, individualistic plan. The goal is to ensure the patient has at his or her fingertips, all the tools needed to live a lifestyle outside of the treatment center without resorting to drugs or alcohol.

To achieve this objective, the aftercare plan should meet the following criteria:

  • Be comprehensive
  • Be easy to adhere to and follow daily
  • Blend into daily life seamlessly, not sticking out like a sore thumb
  • Combine how a patient sees his or her life path with what the stay in Broward County treatment center has identified as helpful or toxic

In formulating the aftercare plan, the staff to at rehabilitation centers must always understand the needs, requirements, and capabilities of their patients. They must apply this knowledge towards helping the patient integrate his or herself back into the community as effortlessly as possible.

Rehabilitation Centers, Aftercare Plans and Success

Aftercare is not a separate component of treatment. To reduce the risk of relapsing, rehabilitation centers must ensure the patient has in place a viable aftercare plan. They need this to help guide them to a successful drug and/or alcohol-free life outside the walls of the treatment center. Whether the patients live in Broward County, FL or Ontario County, CA, centers must work with them to provide an effective aftercare plan.

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