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Signs That Your Loved One is Addicted to Drugs

Drug addiction is more than a dependency on a controlled substance—it’s a disease. While it completely consumes the user, it also tends to affect those closest to them. Friends and family are often affected by a loved one’s addiction in devastating ways. If you suspect that someone closes to you is an addict, it’s time to seek help. From using prescription drugs such as Klonopin to opiates, here are some signs that your loved one is struggling with an addiction.

Frequent Lying
Perpetual lying goes hand-in-hand with addiction. Usually, the user has to cover up and hide their dependency. To do so, they fabricate lies to try and deceive those around them and make their problem seem non-existent.

Mood Swings
Substances such as Klonopin have severe side effects. They can severely alter the mood of the user. If the addict has begun to withdraw from the drugs, these mood swings and other side effects can become more severe.

Weight Fluctuations
Because many drugs affect the metabolism, an addict may experience drastic fluctuations in weight. In many cases, drug users also develop eating disorders due to psychiatric changes that happen because of the drugs.

Changes in Sleep Patterns
Depending on the drug, it could change the user’s energy levels. In some cases, they may begin sleeping more than normal; while other addicts might find it difficult to come down from the high.

Loss of Interest
Addiction is all-consuming. It takes everything that a user has. For that reason, so many addicts turn away from hobbies, family members, and friends. Plus, many drugs leave users feeling emotionally numb, making it difficult to connect with others.

While addiction is devastating, there is hope. Your loved one’s dependence on Klonopin drug or other prescription medications can be conquered. Don’t let addiction take hold of the ones you love, get help and get things turned around.

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