Signs Your Child Requires Speech Therapy Assistance in Texas

by | Oct 27, 2023 | Mental Health Clinic

You may feel concerned about potential speech or language disorders with your child. You will need to know what issues to pinpoint for proper assistance. Here are some common signs that can determine if they need speech therapy.

Delayed Milestones

You should notice a natural progression in the language development of your child. There should be significant advancements in the words they articulate as they grow. It might be beneficial to consider speech therapy in Houston, TX, if you notice a lack of progress.

Difficulty with Sounds

Some children have trouble saying certain sounds or words correctly. You may notice that they skip, replace, or distort sounds, which makes their speech challenging to understand. It may take speech therapy in Houston, TX, to improve how they produce sounds and words.

Limited Comprehension

Some children struggle to comprehend the language spoken to them. They may have difficulties answering questions, following directions, and recounting stories. This problem may also include trouble learning new words, properly using grammar, and constructing sentences. They may need speech therapy in Houston, TX to boost their language comprehension.

Troubled Social Communication

Some children cannot appropriately use language in social situations. You may see them grapple with initiating or holding conversations, holding eye contact, or taking turns. They may also battle with understanding the perspectives, emotions, and intentions of others. Yet, a therapist can work on this to gain improvement.

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