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Stem Cell Therapy in Jacksonville FL: Overview and Benefits of the Process

With all the information available about stem cell therapy in Jacksonville FL, it can be quite overwhelming to determine what is really going on. However, with some simplified information in terms that everyone can understand, understanding stem cell therapy and the benefits it offers, are easier than you may think.

Understanding Stem Cell Therapy

This type of therapy represents a set of different techniques that are used for replacing cells that are destroyed or damaged by some type of disease with functioning and healthy ones. While the actual techniques used in this process are still quite new, the benefits and applications are vast. In fact, a number of the diseases they may help include:

  • Eye diseases
  • Different types of injuries
  • Diabetes
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Cancer

Options for Stem Cell Therapy in Jacksonville FL

There are currently several different stem cell therapies that are being used or investigated for treating many diseases. These treatments include the following:

  • Therapeutic cloning.
  • Transplants of stem cells with the use of blood from the umbilical cord.
  • Transplants of stem cells in adults with peripheral stem cells.
  • Transplants of stem cells in adults with the use of stem cells in bone marrow.

Advantages Offered by Stem Cell Therapy

While a large amount of stem cell therapy in Jacksonville FL is still considered experimental, many researchers have discovered that the treatments are promising for a few different diseases. For example, bone marrow stem cells can be used to replace the blood cells in individuals who are suffering from leukemia or other types of cancer. Those who have suffered from some type of burn will also benefit from stem cell therapy, which will allow the newer skin cells to be grafted for a replacement for the ones that have been damaged.

Another treatment that is being used currently is the cultivation of new healthy stem cells for the treatment of dysfunctional tissues in the eyes, as well as various types of eye diseases. The goal of stem cell therapy is to replace cells that are unhealthy with ones that are healthy. This replacement will ensure that the body is once again able to function as it is supposed to, eliminating any signs of disease or illness.

Stem cell therapy is still extremely experimental, and while it has been successful in many applications, there is still a long road ahead before this becomes a mainstream option for treatment of diseases. However, many scientists and medical experts are confident that with continued research and money, effective and efficient treatments will be able to cure a number of diseases that are still considered untreatable today. To know more, visit Injury Care Centers.