The Benefits That You Can Receive From Using a PCR Test at Home

by | Apr 25, 2022 | Health

You may have heard about PCR testing in conjunction with Covid-19. While this is a major factor that has contributed to a sharp rise in popularity, there are other infectious diseases that rely on a home PCR test as well, simply because of their many inherent benefits.

Fast Results

Unlike other types of tests for infectious diseases that can take a matter of days or even a week or more, PCR test results can be returned in as little as an hour. This alleviates the stress that can come with having to wait an extended amount of time to see if you are infected or not.

Quick Therapy Decisions

When test results are returned in a rapid manner, the team of doctors can make decisions on the appropriate therapy that will be needed to make a recovery. When compared to other types of testing, the optimal time to therapy is reduced to less than 36 hours.

Avoid Antibiotics

Instead of simply prescribing antibiotics right off the bat, the quick test results of a home PCR test can avoid any unnecessary prescriptions. This saves the antibiotics for when they are truly needed and prevents resistance to the drug, which happens often when antibiotics are overprescribed.

Testing Reduction

Believe it or not, PCR testing actually results in lower overall testing within the healthcare industry. By testing early and getting results, there is much less clogging up the downstream with unnecessary tests.

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