The Number One Cosmetic Procedure Used Most Often

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Rhinoplasty or a nose job is commonly the number one cosmetic procedure used throughout the world. Anyone can utilize Rhinoplasty because of a broken nose that did not set right, or simply because of some individual wishes for a different look. Rhinoplasty in Lisle, IL will direct the patient towards the right outcome based on symmetry. Most patients do not know that Rhinoplasty is performed based on correct symmetry. A surgeon will sit down with a patient to perform a series of diagrams, showing how nose surgery would benefit towards a more symmetrical look. Offering a cosmetic surgeon to demonstrate what a patient could benefit from could include, easier breathing, or corrected alignment.

Defining Feature

Since the nose acts as the central point on an individual’s face, Rhinoplasty has become a common procedure. A safe procedure as well. However, only the best cosmetic surgeons will be able to perform a flawless execution. With the nose being a primary breathing component, during surgery it is the surgeons focus that the patient can breathe. Primarily as Rhinoplasty consists of shaping the nose to a certain degree, while still offering an airway to inhale, or exhale normally can be challenging. This is where nasal anatomy comes in hand by a surgeon capable enough to perform the surgery.


Two forms of surgical incisions can be made. These are the open or closed approach. Through an open approach will happen on the tip of the nose creating a small incision. Where the closed approach happens within the nose. Both are utilized based on the extent of the surgery needed. However, both are carefully examined by a professional cosmetic surgeon. Afterward, an individual can be expected to wear what is called a stint on the outside roundness of the nose.  This stint can last up to a week. Some swelling may occur, but this is only temporary.

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