The Uses of Subutex Sublingual Tablets in Concord, NC

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Health

Subutex sublingual tablets are placed under the tongue to dissolve. Furthermore, you should place the pills under your tongue and allow them to remain there for several minutes while the medication completes its job. You should never chew or swallow the pill, and you may find it easier to place all the pills under your tongue simultaneously. If all the pills do not fit comfortably, you can just take two at a time until you complete your dose.


Companies such as Star Bright Pharmacy encourage clients to visit the website to learn how to properly use Subutex sublingual tablets in Concord, NC. You must never inject the medication, and you should follow the time schedule provided upon receiving your medication. Instructions regarding the correct length of time between doses allow you to easily keep up with your medication and simplify the process.

Furthermore, you should never take more doses than you are prescribed, and you should also seek the advice of a professional before you allow a child to take this medication. Children below the age of 16 should not take it under any circumstances.


If you ever miss a dose, you need to take it right away. However, you should not do so if you are nearing the time of your next dose. Instead, wait and take the next authorized dosage. You should never take double doses, because the large number of pills may cause serious health issues.

If you believe you have overdosed on the medication, call a poison control hotline right away to help you safely handle the issue. Also, you cannot take Subutex sublingual tablets with ketoconazole, dofetilide, pimozide, ritonavir, or ziprasidone. The more you do to protect yourself from a reaction, the more you stand to gain future benefits. Click here for more details.

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