Things You Need for Your New Kitten

by | May 23, 2017 | Veterinarians

Cats are an interesting animal. They provide cuddles and companionship, but on their own terms. Compared to a dog, they require much less attention and care. However, they still do need some basic care items. It is easier to have this all on hand, before you bring your kitten home.

Food, Water, and Litter

Some of the most basic needs for a kitten include food, water, and litter. This means that you need to have a food dish, a water dish, and a kitty litter box. You also need to have food and litter on hand. Kittens need food twice a day. They are also a little picky on their litter, which should be cleaned at least every two days. Make sure you have enough in your home to last the first couple of days. It is unpleasant to need to take an emergency trip to the store when you run out. After the first couple of days, you can get a better handle on how much your kitten needs, and stocking your home becomes easier to manage.


It is important that your cat is clearly marked. A simple collar and name tag is the bare minimum. Many cat owners look into more permanent ways of identification. A vet in Wicker Park has a great deal of knowledge on other identification techniques including tattooing and microchips.

Play and Fun

A kitten is a furry ball of energy, and it is important that you give them a way to release this energy. Toys let kittens pounce and chase in a natural way. They regularly try to hide their toys, so make sure you have a few in your home. A scratching post is also recommended. It is natural for a cat to want to scratch, but your furniture is not the best place for that. A scratch post gives them a safe place to enjoy this natural activity.

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