Tips for Finding Transgender Therapy Professionals

by | Oct 12, 2022 | Transgender Surgeons

Mental health care is essential for nonbinary and trans people. They tend to battle anxiety, depression, and suicide. Few people may understand you, and you need a space for emotional healing and learning to cope. You need to feel celebrated, supported, and safe. To achieve this goal, you need to find the right professional who offers transgender therapy. Here are some tips for locating one you can trust.

Talk to Your Primary Care Physician

Hopefully, you have a primary care provider who understands and provides the medical care you need. If they are gender-affirming, ask them for a recommendation. They should help you find transgender therapy, support groups, or professionals who offer group therapy.

Peer Recommendations

Do you have friends who are trans or nonbinary? Maybe you have some connections in a Facebook group for the LGBTQ+ community. Your peers will likely know where to find transgender therapy to help you. Start asking around, and you may be surprised how many friends you have who have successfully transitioned and gone through transgender therapy themselves.

Questions for Potential Therapists

How do you know that a therapist is genuinely trans-inclusive? Try emailing them a few questions about important issues, like their use of pronouns. It’s a small but significant sign that they are LGBTQ+ inclusive. Most professionals offer a free consult, which is an excellent time to ask some of your questions. When you visit, you’ll see how affirming, accepting, and encouraging gender-affirming care can be.

Do you need transgender therapy as part of transitioning or for another reason? Visit the International Center for Transgender Care website for more information.

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