Tips for Selecting Hearing Aids in Norwich, CT

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Hearing Aids

The last hearing test did not turn out the way the patient hoped. It’s now obvious that obtaining Hearing Aids in Norwich CT is the only practical solution. Rather than choosing the first model that comes along, it pays to determine what features the devices must offer. Here are some tips that will make finding the right hearing aids a little easier.

Exploring Different Styles

Most people have no idea that there are so many different styles for Hearing Aids in Norwich CT. At best, their impression is that they will have to wear something similar to what a grandparent once wore. In fact, some of the styles on the market today will be hard to detect.

Choosing a style does depend on the level of hearing loss. If the patient had a mild to moderate loss, something like a completely-in-canal aid will work. This one is constructed to fit snugly, but comfortably, in the ear canal. Patients who would rather not have others know they need some type of hearing device will appreciate the design.

People with more severe hearing losses may find that a behind-the-ear design works well. This type is easy to remove for cleaning and is small enough that it does not draw much attention. If the patient happens to wear the hair a little longer, there’s a good chance that no one will notice the aid is present. Since this design can be used whether the loss is minor or severe, this option is often a great choice for the first hearing aid.

The Battery Life

Hearing aids need a source of power to operate. Find out what the average life of the battery is with the aid before making a purchase. Ideally, the patient should be able to use the aid for at least a few weeks before a new battery is needed. It also pays to determine how difficult it will be to change the battery when the time comes.

The right hearing aid will last for years before it must be replaced. To find more information about styles and important features, talk with a professional today. It will not take long to identify several models that will compensate for the hearing loss and make it possible to enjoy all sorts of sounds again.

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