Types of Women That can Benefit From Egg Freezing in San Antonio, TX

by | Jan 19, 2016 | Health Care

Egg Freezing in San Antonio TXis an amazing resource for women who want to become mothers, but are either unable to do it immediately, or would prefer to wait. The process preserves unfertilized eggs for an extended period of time until the woman is ready to become pregnant, or to use a surrogate. There are a number of reasons why women might choose this process.

One common instance is when a woman is diagnosed with cancer. Because some treatments can affect fertility, harvesting the eggs prior to the treatment can be an emergency plan. This makes it possible for couples to start, or add to, their families even if the woman is sterile once she is finally cancer-free. Even if fertility issues are not a concern following the medical treatment, the eggs are still available for use.

Women who are busy with their careers or not currently in a relationship, but know they want to have a baby someday can also use this method. Since fertility does decline during the 30s and 40s, removing healthy eggs early on will give women the opportunity to have a child that is biologically their own, even if a surrogate is needed.

Couples undergoing in vitro fertilization at the Fertility Institute of Texas may choose to have a number of eggs frozen at the same time because of their desire to have more than one child. They are then able to undergo the in vitro procedure again without needing to have more eggs removed.

Egg Freezing in San Antonio TX does not come with a 100 percent guarantee. Some eggs can be damaged during the process, and not every implantation will result in a pregnancy. For this reason, doctors typically suggest removing more than what is needed to make it more likely that each patient will have the number of pregnancies they desire.

As the average age of first-time mothers continues to rise, more women than ever are looking into the benefits of egg freezing. It can reduce the need of women to have children before they are ready, and alleviate the concerns of women undergoing chemotherapy that their chance to be a mother has passed.

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