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Understanding Dental Restoration Services

Dental restoration services involves the use of a dental material to restore or replace the missing or damaged parts of a person’s dental structure. This loss or damage may be due to fracture, deterioration or decay of all or parts of the dental structure. This is usually caused by foods which are stuck inside the mouth. These foods activate the bacteria inside the mouth and turn them into acid. The food, acids, and bacteria combine together to form what is known as plaque. It is this plaque that destroys the tooth enamel and causes cavities and decay.

Dental restoration is divided into two main groups: direct and indirect. The direct method involves the placement of a soft filling into the tooth, and then it is built up. Once the material hardens, the tooth is fully restored. If a larger area needs to be filled or if strength is a major requirement, an indirect restoration is the best option. The following are the different types of indirect dental restoration services.


This is the most common type of dental restoration. The teeth is filled with silver amalgam, gold, tooth-colored glass or plastic materials.


This is a “cap” that is positioned over a tooth in order to restore its size, strength, shape and appearance. It can also be used to cover dental implants or hold bridges in place.


These are false teeth which have been designed to connect the gap created by missing teeth. The bridges can be permanently cemented into place or anchored by crowns.


These are replacement dental roots. Implants are small posts which are made from metals (usually titanium) and are placed into a bone socket where there are missing teeth.


These are detachable replacement for surrounding tissues and missing teeth. The materials used in making them are acrylic resins and metal attachments. A complete set of dentures replaces all the teeth while partial dentures are used when some parts of the natural dental structure is remaining. Partial dentures are attached to the teeth using metal clasps.

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