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Walk In Clinic Orange Park FL Open to Residents and Visitors

Walk- In Clinic Orange Park FL provide locals and visitors alike with medical care, prescription refills, urgent care and walk in services. Most health insurance providers are accepted. The doctors, nurses and staff have years of medical experience. All physicians are board certified and attended medical schools in the United States.

While traveling to beautiful Orange Park FL thoughts of illness or injury are the last thought to enter the mind. There are the occasions when simple medical treatments are required while enjoying. The Walk- In Clinic Orange Park FL offers a great peace of mind to the absent-minded traveler who forgot to pack enough medication, parents traveling with their children and anyone with a medical condition. The Avecina Walk in clinic Orange Park FL office welcomes pop-in visits making every effort to help regardless of your needs.

Hotel guests may visit the clinic anytime with any number of requests. The basic medical care available to walk in patients is simple. The clinic strives to meet all medical needs when necessary. Those who require urgent care will find the clinic capable of diagnosing and treating moderate to acute conditions. Orange Park FL residents and visitors are both welcome to walk in without an appointment. Prescriptions and medications are available on-site allowing patients to purchase needed medications on site without visiting a pharmacy.

The worry of unexpected medical cost hindering the vacation of a lifetime is not an issue. The Avecina Medical has taken every measure to provide the best in customer service working to add many insurance companies.

The clinic offers standard medical forms online. You can download the forms you need to fill out and bring with you to your visit. The forms available include medication policy, registration form and the standard privacy policy and practices. It is a good practice to have standard registration forms available for you and your family anytime you travel in case of emergency.