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Wearing the Right Shoes as Part of Proper Foot Care in Racine WI

Proper Foot Care in Racine WI includes wearing shoes that fit and do not cause a great deal of stress on the feet. Wearing the right shoes can prevent a variety of problems that otherwise might develop. This isn’t to say a person can never wear a style of shoes not recommended by podiatrists, but sticking with high-quality supportive footwear most of the time is important.


The women’s pump style of shoe is classic and very popular. However, many women develop a bump at the back of the foot where the top of the shoe rubs against the bone. This bump is actually extra bone growth that occurs because of the chronic pressure, and it will not go away with time. If someone feels that wearing this shoe style is essential, she should avoid walking or standing in them as much as possible.

Very High Heels

Women tend to understand that wearing very high heels can cause serious problems with the feet, yet they continue to buy these shoes anyway. The styles can be very flattering, but doctors providing Foot Care in Racine WI strongly encourage people to avoid very high heels. The nerves and soft tissues in the foot can become inflamed, and hairline fractures can even occur.

No Support and Narrow Tips

Not only women are guilty of wearing shoes that are bad for their feet. Men commonly wear shoes with little to no arch support, such as flip-flops. They also choose dress shoes that are very narrow at the tip.

Frequently wearing sandals with no support can gradually cause the arch to break down, especially if someone is spending a lot of time on the feet. Shoes that push the toes together can cause blisters, inflammation and chronic pain.

Podiatrists with a clinic such as Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers can provide plenty of additional tips for choosing shoes that fit well and do not cause harm to the feet. Buying shoes many hours after waking up is just one example, since the feet tend to swell a bit by late afternoon because of the day’s activity. Contact us for an appointment if any foot problems have already developed.