What Can A Walk In Clinic In Columbia SC Do For You?

by | Jul 20, 2023 | Health

A walk-in clinic in Columbia SC can provide you with the health care that you need when you need it. The fact is that illness does not typically work on your schedule and getting a “same day” doctor’s appointment can be a nightmare. A walk-in clinic in Columbia SC can be the best solution to get you on the path to feeling well again. There are several clear reasons people are choosing a walk-in clinic over heading to the ER for their acute health care needs.

What Can They Do for You?

A walk-in clinic that is well-equipped and that has professional medical staff on board can provide you with:

  • Testing services- half the problem with getting sick and not being able to get a doctor’s appointment is in the “not knowing”. When you wake up with a fever or other symptoms, not knowing whether what you are dealing with is a simple virus or something worse can make the situation worse. Getting a firm diagnosis through blood work and other testing services can help to put your mind at ease and get your treatment started right away.
  • X-rays and more- you can quickly find out if that achy hand is broken or not by simply walking into the clinic and letting the doctor know what happened. X-rays can be done right on site and you will walk out knowing whether you are dealing with a break or something else. Having a quick easy diagnostic tool to determine what you are dealing with is the best way to get the care that you need.
  • Prescribe medication- once the doctor has a look at you and makes the diagnosis, you can get the prescription medication that you need to start on the road to recovery.
  • School physicals- if your children play sports you can walk in and get a sports physical for them any time the clinic is open. It is so much more convenient than having to take off work to make it to their pediatrician.

Of course, all the above is done:

  • By highly qualified providers.
  • In a fraction of the time it would take in an emergency room visit.
  • Covered by most health insurance.

A trusted walk-in clinic can be the ideal way to get the urgent health care that you need. Veritas Urgent Care – Columbia Downtown can provide you with the health care that you need, on your terms! For more information, visit Veritas Urgent Care – Columbia Downtown.

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