What Options Are Available Through Occupational Health In Cincinnati, OH

by | Jun 30, 2017 | Health

In Ohio, employers and their workers can acquire health services through an urgent care facility. These facilities provide a variety of services related to occupational health requirements. These services mitigate risks associated with worker-related injuries and accidents. The following are options that are available through Occupational Health in Cincinnati OH.

Drug and Alcohol Screenings and Assessments

Employers who need an assessment of potential employees may need to send them for a drug and alcohol assessment. These tests determine if the individual uses controlled substances or if they are intoxicated at the time of arrival. These services indicate if there are any risks associated with this potential worker. These services are also acquired when a worker is injured on the job to determine if they were under the influence during the accident.

Worker’s Compensation Claims

Worker’s compensation claims are also processed through an urgent care facility. The doctors on staff can provide a full assessment of the worker’s injuries. They can produce the necessary documentation needed to present the insurer with a claim. A report must be submitted within ten days of the accident to the employer’s insurance provider.

Physical Rehab for Workers

The urgent care facility may also provide physical therapy or rehab for workers as they recover. These opportunities can address underlying symptoms of their condition. This could help them to recover faster and get back to work sooner without incurring additional injuries. The services are based on the treatment requirements associated with this injury.

Risk Assessment for Occupational Diseases

These facilities also conduct testing for certain occupational diseases. These tests include options for reviewing the possibility of mesothelioma and asbestos-related conditions. The employer must send workers for these tests upon the discovery of substances that can increase these health risks.

In Ohio, employers and workers have access to extraordinary services that can address health concerns or possible risks. These services include testing as well as rehabilitation services. The employers can acquire screenings for alcohol or drug use before hiring an employee as well. Workers or employers who need assistance through Occupational Health in Cincinnati OH contact Eastside Urgent Care right now. You can also visit them on Google+.

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