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What Should You Know About a Hair Transplant Doctor in Philadelphia, PA

Hair Transplant Doctor in Philadelphia, PA

Are you looking for a hair transplant doctor in Philadelphia, PA? This facility specializes in the follicular unit transplantation procedure. This technique is called the strip procedure in some circles and is the most common worldwide. As the gold standard procedure, you must understand how it works.

A doctor will remove hair roots from the sides and back of your head. Then, he will replant them in thinning areas and on the top of your head. After several days, hair will grow out of the new locations. Thousands of grafts can be accomplished in a single visit, creating noticeable results.

Follicular Unit Extract Process

An alternative process is the FUE technique. Doctors offer this to patients when they are not good candidates for FUT procedures. If they only want to treat a small area, this can be a good idea too.

FUE procedures should not be used on patients who require more than 1,200 grafts overall. FUE can produce scars, and it is invasive. You should only consider it when the traditional strip procedure is not viable.

A small dermal punch gets taken from the donor area. The technicians use it to remove hairs one at a time. In the FUT procedure, a small strip of hair is removed. Then, an army of trained technicians dissects it under the microscope.

The scarring from this procedure does not resemble that of a FUT procedure. There are tiny white dots throughout the donor area, creating a random pattern.

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