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What to Expect From Beauty Salons in Issaquah WA

Today’s Beauty Salons in Issaquah WA have very little resemblance to the beauty salons your mother or grandmother frequented in their day. Offering more than just hair services, many cater to all your body parts, literally head-to-toe service. It is entirely possible to have a pedicure while your hair color is processing or your eyebrows plucked.

The following is a sampling services that many salons now provide.

  *     Hair Services -; A salon that primarily provides hair services will perform hair cutting and trimming, coloring, conditioning treatments, and styling. Many people that may not regularly visit a hair salon will do so for special occasions such as weddings, proms, or homecoming events. A professional hair stylist at Lula Ruby Salon can recommend a hair style that best complements your unique facial features. In addition to hair coloring, they also perform highlighting and low-lighting hair techniques, permanents, hair straightening, and hair extensions.

  *     Skin Care Services -; Some salons offer skin care treatments as well and others provide it as their specialty. Services may include facials, chemical peels or masks, massage, or tanning beds or booths. They will treat blemishes and dark circles or under-eye bags, using specialized formulas and equipment such as facial steamers or basins. Facial massages increase blood flow and release tension resulting in a youthful, glowing appearance.

  *     Nails -; Not just for women, manicures and pedicures are equally appreciated and enjoyed by men as well, especially those that earn their living through sales. For men, manicures provide a polished, clean look and for women, it also provides an opportunity to express themselves through style. Many bright colors and designs are available including nail art and jewelry to set you apart from the crowd. Pedicures offer a chance to relax in a comfortable chair that happens to massage you at the same time. Part of the pedicure process includes a relaxing foot massage that relieves aching, tired feet.

Needless to say, cleanliness is an absolute must for Beauty Salons in Issaquah WA. Look for bright, well-lit interiors and clean floors. Certifications and inspection grades by the state health department should be prominently displayed. Interior ambiance goes a long way to ensure repeat customers. Establishments that play soft music in the background, provide plenty of reading material or a special area for client’s children to play games and interact with other children, will be greatly favored over those that don’t provide these amenities.