What to Know About Transgender GCS Surgery

by | Apr 18, 2023 | Transgender Surgeons

Becoming a woman can be extensive, but most people who make the decision believe it is worth it. One of the most significant components of the process is going through transgender GCS surgery. Understanding genital confirmation surgery is vital to your success.

Multiple Procedures Are Performed

Your surgeon will perform multiple procedures as part of your GCS transgender surgery. Part of the procedure includes a portion of the penis and the testicles being removed. Erectile tissue is also removed from the penis, and the urethra is repositioned and shortened.

GCS Surgery Is the Final Procedure in Gender Transition

Any patients pursuing transgender GCS surgery must meet multiple requirements to qualify for the procedure. Since the surgery is the final step in the gender transition, patients must receive a full year of hormone therapy and life as a woman for a year. You must also have letters of recommendation from your physician and mental health professional.

Recovery Time Following GCS Surgery

Transgender GCS is considered a major surgery and can take patients up to six weeks to fully recover. Patients must visit their surgeon frequently to ensure the healing process is progressing correctly.

Work Closely With Your Doctor or Surgeon

As with any major surgery, following the recommendations of your doctor or surgeon is essential. Reach out to them if you experience anything abnormal so any issues can be addressed immediately. Doing so will help you have the smoothest recovery possible.

The International Center for Transgender Care will guide you through your journey. Visit their website to learn more.

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