What To Look For In An Orthotics Ankle in Columbus OH

by | Dec 5, 2016 | Healthcare

The reason behind getting a custom orthotics prescription for the ankle is to provide the maximum support and stability available for the particular condition being suffered. Orthotics are essentially inserts that fit into the shoe. These are especially beneficial to people who are involved in sports and suffer from foot pain who still want to participate without taking time off. Here are some of the options for Orthotics Ankle in Columbus OH.

  *    Rigid orthotics are used mainly for walking shoes or dress shoes. Usually made from carbon fiber or plastic, they are designed to control function and motion in the two major joints of the foot located just beneath the ankle. They are formed from a mold made by either a plaster cast of the foot or digital pictures taken of the foot. They can provide great relief from pain that occurs in the legs and lower back resulting from strains and aches.

  *    The main purpose of soft orthotics is to absorb shock, increase the balance of the patient, and relieve pressure from sore areas in the body. They are used heavily in feet that are considered diabetic, deformed, or arthritic. Just like rigid orthotics, they are made from a cast or other image of the foot of the client. Unlike its rigid cousin, the soft orthotic is made from cushioned material so that it can rest gently against the foot.

  *    The semi-rigid form of Orthotics Ankle in Columbus OH is used most often with athletes so that they may continue to train or even still compete in their chosen sport. However, they are also commonly used for children suffering from flatfoot or other disorders such as in-toeing and out-toeing. They are made by initial layers of cushioned material that are then encased in a more rigid material.

If an orthotics is needed or prescribed by a physician, make sure to visit a reputable clinic with years of experience such as Capital Prosthetic & Orthotic Center Inc. Not only can they fit the patient for the initial orthotic but they can make adjustments as required if need be. A patient should not trust their body with an inexperienced clinic.

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