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When Should Your Child See Pediatric Physicians in Hudson, WI?

One of the most nerve-wracking aspects of parenting is when your child isn’t feeling well. Not only do you need to take care of your child during these times but you may also wonder if they need to be seen by pediatric physicians in Hudson, WI. The following will help you decide if it’s time to take your child to the doctor.

A High Fever

Fevers aren’t always something to worry about for children. As long as you can keep your child’s temperature under control and it doesn’t last too long or get too high, you can often simply treat your child at home. However, there are times you should make an appointment with pediatric physicians in Hudson, WI. Babies need to see a pediatrician for a fever over 100.4. A child two years or older may not need to be seen unless their temperature is over 104 or it lasts more than three days. They may also need to be seen if other concerning symptoms go with the fever.

An Ear Infection

While a minor ear infection may resolve itself, there’s always the potential it will get worse and could cause long-term damage. If your child is suffering from ear pain accompanied by a fever of at least 102, it’s time to make an appointment with pediatric physicians in Hudson, WI. They may recommend a longer term treatment option if your child gets ear infections frequently.

Unusual Behavior or Injury

Another reason you should consider making an appointment with pediatric physicians in Hudson, WI, is if your child is exhibiting unusual behaviors, particularly if these behaviors are new. They can often find the cause of the problem and resolve it with the appropriate treatments. In addition to sudden behavior changes, your pediatrician can also help with injuries and other common childhood issues, such as bedwetting, learning disabilities, and other developmental problems.

If you’re looking for pediatric physicians in Hudson, WI, for your child, contact Pediatric & Young Adult Medicine to learn more about their services.