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Who Is An Ideal Candidate for Houston Breast Implants

The decision to have any type of plastic surgery is a highly personal one; one that should be made by you alone, after consulting with a surgeon to find out more about the benefits and risks. Most women who receive breast implants report feeling happier and more confident about their bodies, and it is safer to undergo this procedure now than ever before. Before having this type of surgery performed, you should investigate whether or not you’d be an ideal candidate for implants at this stage of your life, or if there are other health concerns you will need to overcome first. Here are some general guidelines to help determine who is an ideal candidate for Houston breast implants.

Overall Health

It’s important to meet with a surgeon before booking the procedure to ensure that you are in good health overall, and that you will recover from the surgery with few risks or impacts to your health. Be open and honest with the surgeon ahead of time, and listen to his or her advice about any improvements or changes that need to be made before breast implants can be recommended. Recovery from this type of surgery can be tricky, and the risk of surgical or post-surgical complications is high if you are not in good health.


Most experts recommend waiting until you are at least in your twenties before considering breast implants. This ensures that your body won’t undergo any major growth or development, which can affect how your body responds to the implants.

Personal Expectations

This is one of the biggest factors that needs to be considered when you are wondering if you are an ideal candidate for implants. You need to be sure that your expectations of the final results are realistic. Surgeons are highly skilled professionals, but they can’t make you look drastically different through this type of procedure. They will advise you about the best size for your body shape, and warn you of any potential side effects of going larger. In addition, you need to be sure that you are undergoing this procedure for you, not for someone else. Receiving implants to please a third party is sure to result in long-term disappointment in your overall body image for you.

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