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Why Addiction Recovery Treatment Should Include Trauma Informed Therapy

There are many reasons why each person that becomes addicted to alcohol or drugs has gotten to that point. These issues can include some type of family dysfunction, emotional issues, untreated mental health conditions and disorders, physical conditions, various stress triggers, educational levels, cultural backgrounds and more. Most experts that work with clients struggling with addiction note that many have experienced some type of trauma in their lives. There is a huge need for intensive professional addiction recovery treatments that are trauma informed in Minneapolis and elsewhere. Adding this crucial component into an already effective addiction recovery program is essential for long term success of trauma impacted clients.

Along with the essential therapy that is performed by trauma informed Minneapolis addiction recovery specialists, treating any underlying emotional, behavioral and/or possibly untreated mental health issues can all combine to provide an effective program that can assist these individuals out from the further traumas of drug/alcohol addiction. It is also imperative to assist each client with the development of useful coping skills that should be directly associated to diminish any lingering trauma based inner turmoil like low self-esteem and lack of feeling or too intensified feeling when undergoing some sort of stress.

These measures have been shown to be effective if the counselors, doctors and other addiction recovery support staff are all knowledgeable and comfortable dealing with this sort of underlying issue. Each client will need more intense supportive therapies and measures to build up their damaged inner confidence. Additionally, every client should be hooked up to community based support systems able to continue the support and therapy when the client is back in the community where it is often difficult to remain sober without this type of intensive intervention and planning.