Why Get Orthotics In Templestowe?

by | Nov 10, 2017 | Health Care

Many people in Templestowe regularly suffer from ankle and foot pain. They may ignore it as a typical reaction to their work day or may hope it goes away. Others may visit their general practitioner and get pills or stretches that rarely do much good.

But, you need not deal with pain every day. Orthotics can be beneficial, and you can find custom ones and pre-fabricated versions, as well. Instead of going to the drugstore and buying the ones on the rack, consider going to your podiatrist so they can assess what’s going on and give you something that will actually help to relieve pain and potentially fix the problem.

Orthotics in Templestowe fit inside your shoes and give your feet the support they need to handle daily activities. They can be used for foot pain by providing more protection and cushion for the feet. They can also reduce pressure on the feet and ankles, which can prevent future injuries to the area. Similarly, they can also prevent muscle fatigue. The muscles in the feet and ankles work hard to keep you standing or moving. Repetitive movements from workouts and daily activities can cause soreness and pain, but an orthotic can help.

At Adept Podiatry, they can offer a variety of solutions to your problems. First, they will diagnose the issue by checking your feet, using biomechanics, and other tools. Once they’ve determined what’s wrong, they will focus on providing the best treatment and care, which can include minor surgeries, injection therapy, and tips for routine foot care. If warranted, they will also prescribe orthotics in Templestowe, which can be custom made to fit your foot or help with your problem. They carry a complete range of corrective options, and they have good standing with labs to create customised versions, as well.

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