Why Some Surrey Residents May Be Dealing With Obstructive Sleep Apnea

by | Feb 20, 2020 | Sleep Clinic

Everyone wants to enjoy good health. Unfortunately, there are a variety of conditions that not only cause a person to feel uncomfortable symptoms in the moment but also make their chances of developing even more serious conditions a lot higher. One example is sleep apnea.

Individuals who have been asking what is sleep apnea in Surrey likely want to know what causes the problem. In many cases, obstructive sleep apnea is caused because of obesity. Individuals who are overweight seem to have more tissue in their mouth and throat that cause obstructions, leading to them waking up multiple times at night. Other things that can trigger sleep apnea include certain medications and certain health problems, like heart disorders.

When learning what is sleep apnea in Surrey, a person will find out that it is a chronic condition. Unless a person stops taking a medication that triggers it or they lose weight if excess weight has caused the problem, they are likely to deal with the problem until finding the appropriate treatment. They make wake up hundreds of times a night, preventing them from enjoying the benefits that come from deep sleep. It can be compared to a person who tries to scuba dive with a snorkel. They have to come up for air every 30 seconds or so, which means they can never reach the ocean floor.

Getting the proper diagnosis for sleep apnea is important. Learn about the advanced take-home screening technologies that easily and quickly diagnose sleep apnea offered by CanSleep by visiting their website at https://cansleep.ca/.

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