Why You Should Participate in Aquatic Rehabilitation in Salt Lake City, Utah

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Health

Doctors and therapists worldwide are learning about the importance of having their patients exercise following joint replacement surgery or a fracture. Not only does it encourage self-help and independence, but being able to move your body after trauma will even promote healing. Patients will improve their blood flow to the injured area and actually see decreased healing times.

Help With Strength

The viscosity of the water used in aquatic rehabilitation will provide resistance to the patient in the pool. This means that motions and actions—even simple ones like walking—will be more difficult and will require the muscles to work harder and the heart to pump. This is a very gentle form of strength training that doesn’t put a lot of undue stress on the body but still allows the patient to exercise and gain all of the benefits of a great workout.

Increase Stability

As people age, they become less stable and more prone to falling. Aquatic rehabilitation in Salt Lake City, Utah will increase core strength. The core muscles are the ones that wrap around your body, including your abdominals. They work with your spine to keep you strong and balanced. When these muscles are weak, then the person is more prone to falling. This stability is especially important as people age or after they have major surgery, and aquatic rehabilitation will allow people to become stronger and more stable.


Arthritis is incredibly painful and can limit the motion and movements of the person who has it. Being able to move freely in a pool without pain is wonderful for patients with arthritis. If you suffer from arthritis and want to learn more about how to manage your pain, browse our site to learn more.

Don’t let the pain of a joint replacement, arthritis, or instability make your life less enjoyable. Spending time in a therapy pool can do wonders for your health!

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