Your Senior Parents Won’t Be Giving Up Their Independence In Assisted Living Facilities

by | Dec 12, 2019 | Assisted Living

Giving up their independence means that seniors have nurses tagging after them with a medicine bottle in one hand and a blood pressure cuff in the other. Giving up their independence means that seniors can’t watch TV all day and night if they wish, or go to card club with the girls or the guys. Most seniors don’t know what independent living services El Paso TX is all about.

It’s Home

Your parents will be able to take their furnishings, pictures and artworks, their pots and pans, and all the things they’ve accumulated over a lifetime. Basically, all they’re doing is moving into a new apartment. They’ll still come and go as they wish, keep the schedule they’ve always had, and even bring the dog.


Your senior parents will have chances to make friends with the other residents during social evenings, movie nights, and trips to see attractions around town. They’ll have access to arts and educational classes to keep up their cognitive abilities. They’ll have, in lots of cases, chef-prepared meals complete with snacks.

A nurse won’t be tagging after them with a blood pressure cuff, but your senior parents will have 24/7/365 help if they fall or forget to take their meds. They’ll get rides to the doctor office or wherever else they want to go.

Most all senior independent living services El Paso TX will give your parents the tour. They’ll see a typical apartment, see the dining room, the common rooms, and any outdoor areas like gardens or outdoor rooms. We want to show your parents around, so please contact us by visiting the website.

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