3 Joint Pain Facts

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Pain Management

If you suddenly notice that your hip, knee or shoulder do not have the range of motion they used to, or you feel discomfort, you may be experiencing joint pain. Joint pain is often something that occurs with age, but other factors can be the culprit, too. If the pain does not subside within a couple of weeks, or it is increasingly severe, a Joint Pain Jacksonville professional can help.

Here are three joint pain facts to consider.


The older your body, the more worn its components become. Eventually, for many, the joint areas become worn because the cartilage that protects the meeting point between two bones is less or no longer properly lubricated. Consulting with a medical professional helps you identify the cause. It could simply be age, so your professional will offer the best solutions. If the joint pain is due to a prior injury, your doctor will offer a set of solutions based on that information.


If you are experiencing discomfort around your joints, you may be experiencing inflammation. Inflammation around your joints could be due to a prior injury, disease or infection. When inflammation is the cause, you will experience warmth, redness and swelling around the affected joint. There is an overproduction of synovial fluid, which has no where to go, so the cell holding the liquid swells.

When to see a Doctor

Your body sometimes has a mind of its own. There are times when you have a hunch it is not operating optimally, but then, the symptoms go away. Sudden discomfort in your joints is not always a sign of something worse. If you are not sure, seeking a consultation, at the very least, offers peace of mind.

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