4 Things to Know Before You Undergo Cataract Treatment

by | Dec 12, 2018 | Optometrists

If you have blurry vision, suffer from glare or find it hard to read, then you could be suffering from early symptoms of cataracts, the Medicine.Net says. The condition affects older people and is often diagnosed with the use of specialized viewing instruments.

If you are planning to undergo cataract treatment in Jacksonville FL and are worried about the recovery, here are a few things you need to know.

You can go home in a few hours

You won’t need to worry about staying at the facility for days. You can leave on the same day as your cataract treatment in Jacksonville FL. However, you will most likely go home with a pad and plastic shield over your eyes. These can be typically removed a day after the surgery but it’s best to ask your doctor for advicebeforehand.

You’ll be a bit uncomfortable

You may experience grittiness or watering of your eyes. Blurry vision, double vision and red or bloodshot eyes may be a common result as well. Give the side-effects a few days to go away. You should fully recovery anywhere between four to six weeks.

You need to wait

If you’re ordering a new pair of glasses, you’re going to need to wait until the six weeks are up before you can get them. Again, confirm this with your doctor to make sure you aren’t getting a pair much too soon.

You should pick a good doctor

A skilled, trained and experienced doctor can significantly reduce the risk of complications and make a difference in the results of your surgery. Make sure you look for and choose a surgeon with an excellent reputation for delivering results. A bit of care and research can do a lot to guide your decisions and help you find the right treatment facility and doctor to help you.

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