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A Clinic to Get Drug Testing in Anderson, OH

Many businesses now require their employees have annual health screenings to ensure they remain healthy enough to work, and this includes submitting to random drug tests as well. The purpose of these random drug tests is to make certain that no employee is endangering another by coming to work with drugs in his or her system. There is a clinic that offers Drug Testing in Anderson OH for companies that need it for their employees. Here are some of the reasons that these drug tests are required.

Reasons for the Drug Tests

It is important to an employer that any worker in his or her business be drug-free, first of all for the person’s own health and, secondly, because the employee could be a danger to other employees. This is one reason that the drug tests are required as a condition of employment so that employees will not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while working. It is also a liability issue when employees are working under the influence of drugs and could potentially lead to a personal injury lawsuit.

More Reasons for the Drug Testing

Employees are also subject to drug testing if injured at work because the employer has to be sure the injury was not related to the employee being “high.” Another reason a drug test might be required could be because of pregnancy to ensure that the pregnant mother is not under the influence of drugs that could be transmitted to the unborn child. This same test could also be used to screen the father to ensure he does not have drugs in his system that could have been passed to the child.

Who Conducts the Drug Tests in Anderson, Ohio

Eastside Urgent Care has been providing healthcare solutions for patients in the Anderson, Ohio area for a long time. Patients can be seen at the clinic, which is much cheaper than going to an emergency room. If there are any persons who need Drug Testing in Anderson OH, the clinic is available. To get more information on what all is available, visit the website at You can also visit them on Google My Business.