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How Do Doctors Treat Ocular Disease in Pender, NE?

There are several different types of ocular disease and they are all treated in different ways depending on the disease. The most common eye defect is an astigmatism; this is not a disease, but a chronic condition. It is a focusing error of the eye lens that is corrected with corrective lenses. Disease of the eye is different, though. They range from things like chronic dry eye to macular degeneration. Each type of ailment is treated differently.

Dry Eye and Discomfort

Dry eye is not a disease in and of itself; it’s more like a symptom of ocular disease in Pender, NE. There are many reasons why someone might have chronic dry eye. One common reason is simply insufficient tear production. That could be due to a disease in the eye. Also, you might have chronic dry eye because of some kind of disease that causes the eye to dry out. Whatever the case may be, a doctor should be able to identify it and treat it. While many of them are preventable or curable, some can only be treated.

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Chronic Illness

Some types of ocular disease are more serious and more chronic. These are illnesses, like macular degeneration, that cause serious degradation to the quality of your vision. These illnesses can affect the eyes themselves or the ocular nerve. The nerve delivers the images to the brain. If it is affected, the eye might be perfectly fine, but the vision will not be.

If you experience a change in your vision or discomfort in your eyes, you need to contact an eye doctor. That doctor will work with you to determine what is happening. Visit the website for more information.