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A Practical and Healthy Way to Shed Extra Pounds with Medical Weight Loss in Louisville KY

Medical Weight Loss in Louisville KY is a physician-assisted program that helps weight loss hopefuls burn body fat through medically proven modalities. Any degree of obesity puts a person at risk for health problems. Diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are just a few maladies obesity can lead to. There are three things that contribute to obesity. Hereditary factors make some people more susceptible to obesity. The children of a mother or father who is obese may be overweight too. Though genetics can help a person become obese more easily, it does not donate to obesity alone. Calorie consumption that exceeds well beyond what the body needs per day and a sedentary lifestyle both make it very easy to gain weight.

Portion control in meals and putting a limit on empty, unhealthy carbohydrates is the type of discipline it takes to head down a path to weight loss. This does not mean occasional indulgences isn’t okay. Medical Weight Loss in Louisville KY involves a short term plan of a low caloric diet, supplements that support the metabolism and appetite suppressants to fight the urge to go off course. The diet consists of healthy lean proteins and nutrient- rich carbohydrates. The chief contributors in this fast paced weight loss plan is prescription HCG and B-12 vitamins. HCG is a hormone produced at elevated levels in expectant mothers. The hormone helps the body convert fat into energy more actively. Extracts from this hormone are available by prescription to shift the body into fat burning mode. This blend of techniques as a means for achieving weight loss produces results swiftly.

Clinical lab testing is a valuable tool that helps doctors better understand how obesity and health problems affect each person individually. Lab testing can uncover hidden medical issues. When a doctor knows what physiological factors affect health from patient to patient, they can implement health care plans that adapt to individual needs. Hormonal imbalance largely contributes to obesity and health problems for many. Hormone imbalance happens with age progression and certain medical problems. Lab tests measure instability in hormone levels, so the physician knows what is required to put it back on track. Please click here to learn more about InShapeMD.