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Approaching Labor and Delivery from a Holistic Point of View

Medical doctors in every specialty tend to treat patients as a sum of their symptoms rather than as entire beings. Healthcare providers focus on what you are feeling and in what part of your body before determining the best course of treatment. They rarely make the connection between the symptoms you are feeling right now and the impact they have on the rest of your body.

This same symptomatic approach is often used in labor and delivery units. Doctors focus more on your uterine contractions and the resulting bleeding or tearing from delivery than how the rest of your body feels. When you would prefer a more holistic childbirth NJ expectant parents like you may need to search for providers who utilize this entire bodily approach to prenatal and postnatal care.

When you undergo holistic childbirth NJ parents like you are treated as a whole person rather than a sum of your physical symptoms and experiences. A holistic provider considers how your labor pains are affecting other parts of your body. He or she also takes into consideration how childbirth may or may not impact your mental health.

The results of holistic care during childbirth many times is a more peaceful and copacetic experience that is less traumatic for both Mom and Baby. Some studies have shown that mothers need less pain medication and fewer intercessions during labor because both she and her provider are in tune with what is going on with every aspect of her physical and emotional wellness.

Some studies have also shown that babies are calmer and more apt to successfully breastfeed after a holistic delivery than one that is geared toward symptoms and the use of medications. The mother and medical provider take into consideration that the newborn is also a part of the holistic experience.