Are You Looking for a Naturopathic Physician In Lake Oswego, OR?

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Health

We are all familiar with having to book appointments to see the local physician occasionally for the odd virus or other health complaint. Indeed, the medical profession is considered one of the pillars of our civilized society. One of the challenges facing modern medicine is the over-prescription of strong antibiotic medicines. Part of this is due to the pressure on the health system, and also the fact that most doctors simply focus on treating the symptoms and the condition rather than preventing it in the first place. Sadly, this narrow medical focus has caused us to lose sight of the bigger picture.

A Holistic Approach to Health

The good news is that there are health practitioners who combine centuries of natural medical wisdom with the breakthroughs in modern medical science. By contrast to regular Physicians, the naturopathic physician views health as the sum total of mental, emotional, and physical health. They place greater emphasis on health as a total state rather than a single condition to be treated with drugs.

For the naturopathic physician in Lake Oswego, OR, optimal health is a combination of many factors; in many cases, treating one without addressing other contributing aspects will not fix the problem. Indeed, this approach may utilize not only regular prescription medicines but also acupuncture techniques, vitamin therapy, and even homeopathic medicine.

Seeking an Alternative

Unfortunately, many people tend to get the runaround when it comes to their health. They tend to see a merry-go-round of doctors and specialists without getting the answers that they are seeking. Fortunately, places such as Spire Holistic Health understand that overall health and well-being is about more than independent symptoms and conditions. Naturopaths treat all health issues on a holistic level rather than narrowing their focus.

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