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by | Jul 14, 2017 | Health

Thinning hair is not restricted to men. Women also suffer from this embarrassing condition. In fact, approximately 80 percent of all women will have noticeable hair loss before they reach retirement age. Many begin to realize this is an issue for them long before this point. It is a condition that often strips women of their confidence and disrupts their social lives. A Hair Thinning Solution in West Chester PA is available, and it addresses the most common cause of female hair loss.

What causes hormonal imbalances?

Over 21 million women in the country are experiencing the drama of hair loss at any given time. What most have in common is a hormonal imbalance. Poor diet, stress, and pregnancy are just some of the factors that lead to this imbalance. Menopause is also a major culprit because it is almost always when the most serious hormonal shifts occur.

Why do hormones affect hair loss?

Estrogen levels control hair follicles. It basically tells body hair to not grow as thick, and it instructs hair follicles on the head when to grow and rest. Pregnancy causes high levels of estrogen, so pregnant women often notice their hair is thicker. Unfortunately, the levels plunge a couple of weeks after giving birth, so many women will begin to notice an increase in their hair loss. It is not just a pregnancy issue because thinning hair will happen whenever estrogen is not at the proper level.

Does balancing hormones just mean taking estrogen?

Rarely are imbalances just a matter of lower estrogen. Women also rely on progesterone and cortisol. When they are seeking a Hair Thinning Solution in West Chester PA it is often discovered that other problems exist. This could be weight gain, mood swings and insomnia among many other symptoms. Through a custom plan, the patient will receive supplements, diet advice and much more to help balance their hormones. Hair will begin to return to its normal thickness, and the other symptoms will subside as well.

At the BeBalanced Center, each woman is given a questionnaire and exam to help determine what assistance they require. Help is available for women of any age and no matter what the reason is for their imbalance. The guided treatment plan is safe and effective. To learn more click here.

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