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Burn More Calories with High Intensity Classes, Join In Chicago

High intensity interval training, HIIT, is a method of training. The workout alternates between bursts of physical activity followed by a period of little or no activity. A good example of HIIT is running. Run at your maximum speed for one minute, slow down, and walk for the next two minutes. Keep this routine up for 15 minutes. You might wonder how something so simple can burn fat, but it does.

High intensity training is the ideal workout for busy people that live and work in Chicago. If the only time you have to care for your body, the lunch hour is good enough. Plenty of studies have been conducted on this, and 15 minutes of high intensity interval training gets results equal to spending an hour on a treadmill.

There are good reasons why you should work HIIT into your schedule.

Burn More Fat, Quicker

High intensity workouts burn more calories, and it does it quicker. Your body’s repair cycle goes into overdrive, and for 24 hours after your workout, you continue burning fat.

Maintain A Healthy Heart

You will never push into the anaerobic zone by sitting behind a desk. If you want to reach that place where you can hardly breathe, and your heart is racing, you need to take high intensity classes in Chicago. It does not take long to see the results; a recent study showed that after only six weeks of HIIT, the participants could stay pedaling on their bicycles for twice as long as when they first started training.

The objective of HIIT is to lose weight, not muscle. When you involve yourself with high intensity classes, your weight loss comes from the fat that you have stored in your body. HIIT is definitely win-win. You lose weight and stay healthy.

No time left to maintain your fitness, enroll in high intensity classes. Visit Studio Three in Chicago.