Preparing for Your Visit with an Audiologist in Bonner Springs, Kansas

by | Feb 26, 2018 | Health

It’s likely that if you are visiting an audiologist that you have been referred by another doctor, possibly your primary care physician. Because these trained professionals are experts at uncovering and treating hearing conditions, it’s a good idea to know what they can do for you and what you need to expect at your first appointment. This ensures that you are prepared and ready to ask questions, won’t be taken by surprise by what they have to say, and will learn a lot about your hearing options.

They’ll Perform Tests

Your audiologist in Bonner Springs, Kansas will probably perform three main tests to determine if you have any blockage in your ear canal, the function of your middle ear, and the softest sound that you can hear. By performing these tests, your doctor will be able to determine what is inhibiting your ability to hear. While these tests should not be uncomfortable, they can be intimidating, which is why you may want to bring someone along with you.

You May Have a Referral or Hearing Aid

The next steps that your audiologist will take depend on what is found during the tests. If your audiologist thinks that you may have other medical issues, then you will have to visit an ENT to rule out possible problems. If, however, your audiologist thinks that he or she can correct your hearing problem right away, you will be sent to a specialist for a hearing aid or other hearing device.

Make sure that you write down any symptoms or hearing problems that you have before you go to your visit. This ensures that you do not forget any important information when you are talking to the audiologist. For more information, to talk to an expert about your specific condition and symptoms, and to make an appointment, click here .

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