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Choosing a Nutraceuticals Testing Lab

Before releasing your product to the market, it’s a good idea to have your products tested through a nutraceuticals lab to prove the efficacy of the products and to verify concentrations and other important details that consumers will rely on.

There are several nutraceuticals testing labs throughout the country. Some specialize in certain types of testing, so it’s important to choose one that regularly tests products like yours.

Talk with any potential lab about their protocols, and processes for testing products like yours, and learn what other companies, or types of companies they serve.

Your lab should use reliable and proven testing techniques, which is one of the reasons it’s important to choose a lab that tests products similar to yours. Verify that their testing techniques are those that are standard in the industry, at least. If they are on the cutting edge of testing technology, so much the better.

Be sure to ask any potential testing lab about their results with their clients. If possible, get the names of some of their current customers as references. Find out first hand how satisfied they are with the results they’ve seen from their product testing.

Once you’ve found the perfect nutraceutical testing lab for your product, you’re ready to send your product in for testing. Be sure to talk with your lab about the time it will take to complete the testing, and when you should expect results.

Testing your products through an independent lab lends credibility to your company and provides your customers with the confidence that your products can be counted on to provide the results you’ve promised. Call your local testing lab as soon as possible to get your products ready for nutraceutical testing. This is a simple process that can make your product safer and more successful.