Warning Signs That a Child Needs Emergency Medical Attention

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Health

One of the hardest jobs a person can take on in their life is being a parent. Children will require constant attention and care from the time they are born until they leave home. A parent’s job is to make sure their children are happy and healthy.

There will come a time when a child may need emergency medical care due to a variety of different ailments. Finding the right Family Medical Clinic in Andover Kansas to take a child to is not easy and will require a parent to do a bit of research. Read below to find out about some of the warnings signs that a parent may notice when it is time to get their child emergency medical attention.

Noticeable Changes in Behavior

Most parents are quite familiar with how their child behaves. If a parent starts to notice that there are changes in their child’s behavior, then it may be time to take them in to be seen by a doctor. While fevers are generally a good indication that a child is sick, many of the infectious diseases will not produce a fever.

If a child seems more volatile and moodier than usual, allowing a doctor to check them out is important. It is best to err on the side of caution when it comes to the health and well-being of a child.

A Stiff Neck and Fever

When a child starts to complain of a stiff and aching neck and they have a fever, it is time to take them in for emergency medical care. These symptoms are associated with meningitis, which is why seeking out medical care immediately is important. The earlier this condition is detected, the easier it will be for doctor’s to lessen the severity of the symptoms a child has.

When viral infections are present in a child’s body, a parent will need to get them an antibiotic that can only be prescribed by a doctor. The longer a parent waits to get their child the care they need, the harder it will be for them to rebound from this sort of viral condition.

Finding the right Family Medical Clinic in Andover Kansas is easy with a bit of research. When in need of care, be sure to visit the website of Wichita Family Medicine Specialists.

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