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Common Reasons to Call Sports Medicine Doctors in Sacramento, CA

There are a number of sports injuries that are common even for athletes who play on purely recreational platforms, meaning that it is a good idea to look into local sports medicine doctors to learn about their work. Many people play sports in some regard or another, whether they play in a friend’s backyard just for fun or at a competitive level. However, injuries can happen at any moment and some could be avoided or treated more easily if you learn what type of injuries are most likely to occur when playing.

Strains and Sprains

Two of the most common sports injuries of all time are strains and sprains, which can happen simply by placing your foot down at the wrong angle or by stepping into a hole and tripping. Even the slightest fall could end up causing a huge trauma to your ankle and foot and you would do yourself a lot of good to consider looking up sports medicine doctors in Sacramento, CA. You should take the time to visit if you fear that you are one bad step away from a potentially serious injury because these professionals can help you learn how to prevent it.

Knee Injuries

Although not quite as frequent, knee injuries sit near the top of the list of the most common injuries in sports. Sports medicine doctors are happy to give your injured knee a thorough examination to determine the source of your pain and how to move forward with treatment. Over five million people will visit orthopedic surgeons for injuries or issues related to the knee this year alone and you could be one of them if you are not careful.

Mild knee injuries can include runner’s knee, tendonitis, and iliotibial band syndrome and all three of these can be treated with the help of a professional. Knowing where to start and who to rely on could help you take weeks off recovery time and get back in the game without missing too much of the fun.